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In search of the perfect cup of tea

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A nice cup of tea
If you make tea with hard water, you could notice a film on top. This is due to the Calcium Hydroxide present in hard water reacting with the flavanoids in the tea. It is always preferable to make tea with soft water, as this will not adversely affect the flavour of the tea. In fact, some believe that water quality is as crucial as the quality of the tea when attempting to make the perfect cuppa!

New Facebook Page

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UK Water Softeners Facebook Page

A new UK Water Softeners Facebook site has been launched! Please visit and 'like' if you are happy with our service:

100,000th Softener Rolls Off The Line

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MP at Harvey for 100,000th softener
Harvey Water Softeners, a successful family run business has celebrated a landmark anniversary with a visit from Woking MP Jonathan Lord. The business welcomed it's 100,000th softener off the line this month and has reported continued growth through the recession, with the team having expanded 50% during the last two years.

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