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Cash Purchase - TwinTec S3 Block Salt Water Softener With Standard Installation

£1548.48 (includes £258.08 = 20% V.A.T)

TwinTec is made by Harvey Softeners Limited
of Hipley Street, Old Woking, Surrey.

Installation Includes:

  1. Labour and materials.
  2. Installation of a hard water drinking tap or conversion of existing tap to hard.
  3. Drinking Water filtration system available for an extra £117.60 (including VAT & installation). Please note that the cartridge for this needs to be replaced annually at a cost of £52.57 (inc VAT & index linked) and a direct debit needs to be completed on or before installation.
  4. Conversion of outside tap to hard if possible. If we cannot keep the outside tap hard we will provide an alternative for £66.00 inc VAT.
  5. Provision of two boxes of block salt and tester kit.
  6. If the softener is fitted outside there will be an additional charge of £98.90 (inc vat) for an insulated outside cabinet and a further £54.00 for additional materials to put it outside (inc vat). Loft installations require a loft safety tank £75.60 (inc vat) + a further £78.60 for additional materials (inc vat).
  7. 22mm installations of the TwinTec Block Salt Softener are available for an additional charge of £72.55 (inc VAT) and require big bore hoses and a 22mm bypass set.

Methods Of Payment

Cheque for above amount, made payable to K.GOODY
Barclaycard (Visa)