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Woking is known for being where HG Wells 'War of the Worlds' was written back in 1898. Just 20 years later an amazing labour saving device was invented which is still delighting people today. What is it? Well... it's a water softener. 
We are all used to hard water in Woking, and many for years have put up with limescale on their shower screen, taps, toilets, sinks etc., not to mention the damage limescale does to domestic appliances like the washing machine, and heating system, also hard water is not good for the skin especial people who suffer from dry skin or conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
Why not join the many who have purchased this device and contact us and we will make a no obligation visit to tell you all about it.
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What Our Customer Say...

"Having moved into a hard water area, I was interested in improving the house with a water-softener; reducing visible limescale build-up in the shower and around the taps etc, as well as reducing the damaging effects of limescale build-up in appliances.

My parents demonstrated to me their Twin-Tec machine at their home in Suffolk. This is their second Twin-Tec and was one of the first purchases after moving into their new house (the old one is still running in the old house). They swear by it and said their local installer was very good.

Having 'Googled' Twin-Tec on google maps, I found 'UK Water Softeners' to be my local installer. After leaving an answer-phone message, Kevin Goody (manager/owner) returned my call the same day. Kevin was happy to accommodate my late commuter schedule, and came around after work one day to talk me through the system and what I could have fitted.

The work was able to be scheduled within a week and the quote was clear and complete. The plumber who turned up had been given ample time in his schedule to complete my job - a complex fit due to the location if the mains. The plumber did an excellent job, was clean, tidy and polite. He explained what he was doing and left the kitchen in an excellent state - even refitting a shelf that he had to cut around.

One error in the initial spec of the job was discussed and the plumber altered the fit to incorporate the change - all at his own discretion and with no effect on the quote.

The Twin-Tec system works seamlessly and I am very pleased with both the service provided and also the product that I have bought.

A 5-star (9/10) for service and finish; my only issue having been the minor error in original spec. Overall: excellent."

John, Woking - October 2013
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