The benefits of two tanks

  • Soft Water 24/7 – you’ll never run out of soft water
  • Only regenerates when necessary – you’ll use less salt and never need to reprogram the system.
  • Enables a large capacity from a small softener – it’ll fit under your sink
  • One size fits all – you won’t need to upgrade or downgrade if your family situation changes

How an ordinary electric softener works

Ordinary softeners only have one resin cylinder, which requires an electrical supply to power a mechanical or computerised timer. The timer is required to control the regeneration process. Single cylinder softeners cannot regenerate during the day whilst water is likely to be used, so they are regenerated at night. With this type of softener, if water is used during regeneration it will be hard. This process typically takes an hour or more in an ordinary softener and during this time no soft water is available. Neither can they use the full capacity of the resin because it could exhaust itself during the day and would produce hard water. To avoid this possibility they are programmed to begin regeneration when a proportion of the resin has been used, which is inefficient. In homes with a water tank in the roof or with a pressurised system, using water during regeneration will harden all of the stored water, hot or cold and it can take some time for the water to become completely soft again.
Twin cylinder softeners do not suffer this problem because, when one cylinder exhausts itself the other one takes over. They efficiently use the full capacity of the resin and can regenerate at any time, even when water is being used.

No Electricity

TwinTec uses the flow of water to operate the control module. This is why the softener can cope with fluctuations in water demand in any household, without the need to alter timer clocks or computer controls.

No Programming

The TwinTec caters for a household of 1-10 people and requires no programming or maintenance other than keeping it replenished with salt blocks. You can guarantee that if you go away on holiday the softener will not waste water or salt by regenerating unnecessarily. It simply waits for you to return and start using the water again.
Simple, efficient and luxurious!

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