Aug, 2011

“I couldn’t believe how hard the water was here after moving to the area, the amount of products that I needed just to keep things clean, washing powder etc’ that we were getting through was ridiculous,and nasty tasting tea. I then spoke to Kevin and made an appointment to view one of his softeners, and in no time we had arranged the installation without any high pressure sales talk, it was obvious this was the solution we needed, and what a huge difference this has made, clean bathrooms, less washing powder and shampoo, no harsh cleaning products, very economical to run as there is no electrical connection, and the installation was done quickly and very professionally with no mess, and with no scale in the kettle that means a great tasting cup of tea once again! I can’t recommend the product or the company highly enough. I don’t understand why these water softeners are not fitted as standard to all properties, why put up with hard water when you don’t have to?”

checkatrade review center