May, 2017

When my family and I moved to Basingstoke one of the first things we were acutely aware of was the hardness of the water in the area. You could argue that the affects of hard water is hardly life threatening, but hailing from Nottingham and also having lived in Yorkshire (being natural soft water area’s) we had been blissfully unaware of the affects of hard water from being unable to achieve a decent lather when bathing to the damage lime-scale does to plumbing and sanitary wear. It wasn’t an easy decision, the investment in a not inexpensive piece of equipment that gives you something (soft water) we’d taken for granted thus far, the number of options of both equipment and suppliers within the area was baffling! When you are talking about a piece of equipment that is attached to your main water feed, you don’t want a “fly by night” installation. I eventually decided that the twin block salt equipment was the best solution for our needs, without the timing mechanism and electrical connection of other softeners I’d seen meant the softener only recharged the part of the equipment which provided the softening to the water – which meant if my family and I went on holiday for two weeks (leaving the house empty) we’d return to a softener with the same amount of salt we’d left it with! As for the supplier, I wanted to ensure it wasn’t a “fly by night” organization which was there to make money from your initial investment and not be around if you had issues, now comes the reason for my testimonial to Kevin Goody: It’s been over ten years since our purchase, we’ve had one issue where the softener unit stopped softening, which was dealt with very quickly and in a very professional manner, the “fault” in the end was not a fault of the unit but a first indication that our kitchen units required renewing (a shelf support had failed tilting the unit so water wasn’t fully in contact with the salt blocks). Our other contact with Kevin is for the supply of the only consumable – the block salt. For a house with two bathrooms (both fitted with power showers) and three toilets, five adults use salt which costs around £96 per year (a small cost for the luxury of soft water), for this I contact Kevin about once a year, his no fuss service is exceptional, even though he is based in Frimley, despite the fact that I always tell him there is no rush, he delivers salt either same or next day – not being in when he delivers is not an issue either, he will leave it safely and provide a postage paid envelope for me to send the payment in. I do not hesitate to recommend Kevin Goody, UK Water Softeners, the equipment and the service he provides. In the past ten years three neighbours have had a hot water tank failure, causing damage to ceilings and creating massive disruption to the household and the reason for the tank failure? LIMESCALE, so not only has our water softener saved us from that but I would estimate that in the ten years we’ve had the unit it has paid for itself with each smaller amount of soap, shampoo & cleanser we’ve had to use every time we’ve washed /cleaned and showered

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