Jun, 2010 Hook

After recently buying a new home in Hook, we realised that the water was causing us some problems with our shower/toilet seals due to the hardness of the local water. We decided to explore the cost and possibility of having a water softener installed. We had done some research on the internet (as you would expect) and found that most softeners had a time clock on them and needed maintenance once a year at a cost. Last week we received a flyer through the door, which looked professional and promising as there was minimal maintainance and can last up to 20 years (sounds intriguing!) We decided to bite the bullet and call to arrange for a sales person to visit. Kevin Goody, the proprietor, called us back and arranged an appointment to suit us. (Service indeed). When he arrived, he gave us a demonstration and showed us the softener which had no time clock, neither the need to carry large bags of salt around as they are delivered in bags of 2 blocks, which are much easier to manhandle. We agreed to purchase the softener from Kevin there and then because he explained everything to us clearly and gave us several options of location of the unit, and then gave us a concise estimate with NO hidden extras to supply and install it. The Plumber arrived on time, and installed the water softener exactly where we wanted it and when we look at the finished article, it has been done to a very high standard, and we are 100% satisfied to the quality of work carried out! We wanted to praise Kevin Goody for his professionalism and courteousness and not trying to hard sell us into a sale, and we have no hesitation in recommending Kevin and his company to anybody who is looking for a Water Softener. Thank you Kevin for a wonderful experience.

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