Aug, 2012 Basingstoke

“I had a new ‘closed vented’ heating system installed in 2008. The existing water softener proved useless and impeded the flow of hot water. After thorough research I found the Twintec water softener.
Kevin Goody answered all my questions and the water softener was cleanly installed by his dedicated plumber in July of that year.
I have now had this softener for 4 years and it has done exactly what I wanted.
Nice clean showers with softened water, lime-free toilets and (although I haven’t cut open the pipes to have a look) I suspect similarly clean heating pipes.
I reload the salt, supplied annually at a competetitive rate and delivered by Kevin, about every 3 weeks
I’m delighted with it. This is a large house which needs soft water and trouble-free plumbing.
And the water softener was paid for in instalments – a great help.”

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