Feb, 2012 Fleet (Hants)

“We have been using TwinCylinder, Block Salt, water softeners since 1988 and love them.
The installation is easy and quick and gives immediate good results.

One of the best things about these systems are the fact that they do not need electricity and need no programming according to usage, unlike other softeners. They only soften the water as you use it so is very efficient. All you have to do is make sure it is topped up with salt.

I know of people who have stopped using their different make softeners because they are fed up with having to change the programming for when or who is in the house or when there has been a power cut. You don’t have any of that hassle with this system.

Straight away you feel the benefit on your skin and hair, as well as noticing how much less soap and shampoo you use. You only need to use less than half of soap powder, washing up liquid etc, that you would normally use. You easily recover the cost of the softener by using less soap and not having to buy any lime scale remover. You do not have to buy salt for the dishwasher.

Towels and clothes feel softer as there is no calcium build up in them.
When you wash your car, there is no scum left on it.
You get a great cup of tea with no ‘film’ on top.
There is no taste of salt in the water due to the way the system is designed.

Our washing machine (2002) was repaired yesterday due to a mounting failure.The engineer asked when we had had the pump and element changed. I told him they were the originals and had never been changed. The engineer could not believe that the element, drum and pump were the original ones, as there was not trace of limescale in the machine. He said he had never seen a machine in such good condition for its age.

Our dishwasher is over 13 years old and the elements still look as new as the day the machine was installed. The kettle and iron are the same.
Our showers, baths, sinks and toilets have absolutely no staining even though they are now over 13 years old.
Shower heads never ever need cleaning.

Also, the softened water keeps the elements in the hot water/heating system and boiler in good condition with no limescale build up, so the system remains efficient keeping the energy costs down. Similarly the elements in the washing machine/ dish washer etc heat up the water quicker due to no limescale build up, thus reducing the heating costs.

It is easy to top up the softener with salt, unlike other softeners with those you have to lug around a 25kg bag of salt and then spend ages shovelling it into the softener with the inevitable salt spilling on the floor and in the kitchen cupboard, with this softener all you have is two blocks (like two housebricks) easy to load and easy to store and the salt is delivered promptly when ordered.

I would also mention that this softener is one of the smallest in uk, its compact and fits conveniently under the (kitchen) sink.

I don’t understand why everyone does not have one.”

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