Nov, 2012 Bracknell

‘I had one of these incredible little units installed soon after we moved into our new home, in a moderately hard water area, ten years ago.
I knew from past experience that those white marks on taps, sinks and shower and everywhere touched by tap water, meant that the new shine would not last long and the value of our new house would suffer unless action was taken. So, after looking at the available options I was most impressed by TwinTec design and had one fitted very neatly and efficiently, by UK water Softeners. It’s may not be the cheapest water softener around, but in my opinion it is easily the best. The fact that it actively monitors water usage before activating the refresh cycle, and uses water power rather than needing a separate electrical supply to drive timers and other complex (and breakable) parts, is quite brilliant.
The TwinTec is also more compact and user friendly than most other water softeners. It takes up just a half size kitchen cupboard space, and block salt is very easily fed in when needed (about once a month in our case), it’s far easier to store and less messy to fit than granular salt.
Our unit has worked none stop and completely trouble free, for the past ten years now, making clean water fittings and almost zero maintenance something which we take very much for granted.
The only associated item that has needed changing in that time, was a little drinking water tap that we had installed, which is independent of the softener and still uses untreated mains water. Being on hard water it is inclined to choke up and sometimes has to be de-scaled. A reminder of all the trouble the little TwinTec machine is constantly saving us elsewhere. My best investment ever.’

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