May, 2013 Staines

We have been a customers since 2005 when Kevin Goody installed a Twintec softener in our house; the installation was carried out swiftly and effectively with a minimum of disruption to the normal running of the home. The benefits of the softer water were immediately apparent with the disappearance of lime scale around taps and the washing machine producing outstanding results. On moving to a new house in a hard water area in Hampshire the first thing that we had installed was a Twintec softener which has functioned perfectly and prevented accrual of lime scale in any part of the plumbing system in the house. We have been so impressed by the softener that we arranged for Twintec softeners to be installed by Kevin Goody’s company in two other properties in hard water areas where the reduction of lime scale and feel of the water in baths and showers was remarkable.

On each occasion that we have called on Kevin Goody for another installation we have received a fast and efficient service to the household and a remarkable reduction in the hardness of the water in the house. In the one property that we had without a softener we have just had to renew the central heating boiler and descale all of the water fittings and shower glass.

The salt blocks, which are the only consumable in the system, are delivered promptly (within 48hrs) on a phone call so that we have never run out.

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