Mar, 2013 Basingstoke

“In 2007 I finally had enough! The constant cleaning and use of mountains of expensive cleaning products had to stop! when our newly fitted designer sink tap clogged up with limescale after just three months, even my husband was sold on the idea of a water softener.

Not only does limescale leave a nasty grey film everywhere water is concerned, it also cloggs up pipes and causes heating systems to break down, makes heating more expensive, and damages appliances like washing machines. But I was not going to put up with it any longer!

My research on the web led right back to Kevin Goody from UK Water Softeners, who all along had been advertising with my Elvetham Heath Directory and my new Fleet Life magazine I had come to the conclusion that if we were going to take this step, I wanted to make the right choice, I wanted to make sure that the water softener regenerated when it needed to, not when the clock was set, especially as we are on a water meter! Combined with the fact that I did not really want to have to lug around a 25kg bag of salt when reloading, the TwinTec was the perfect choice. It requires no electricity and on average we use 1 pack of salt per month which is two 4kg blocks.

Kevin Goody arranged everything from the initial survey to the installation. His service was excellent and my water softener was installed in a few hours. It took about a week for the whole house to have soft water. I would not want to miss it anymore, and do you want to know what my husband said? “The best thing we ever bought!”

No more limescale build up anywhere and cleaning the shower screen every day; my stainless steel sink only needs a quick wipe without any cleaning products and my dishwasher and washing machine only need half the amount of detergents. My kettle miraculously descaled itself within two weeks and even the cups of tea and coffee taste a lot nicer. We use half the amount of shampoo and shower gel and I cannot remember when I last used body lotion as my skin feels soft and smooth after a shower.”

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