The salt is not used to soften the water but is used to release the hardness minerals from the resin. This process is called regeneration.

As the TwinTec operates without electricity, Block Salt is the only consumable product. Even here the TwinTec is more efficient and cheaper to run than other softeners. This is because the TwinTec’s unique control system, uses the exact amount of salt necessary to regenerate the resin and does not rely on a pre-programmed estimate of water usage.
Your water consumption changes every day:

  • Total Capcity (Blue and Red) 7 Days = 1400 galls
  • Actual Usage (Blue) 7 Days = 756 galls
  • Wasted Capacity (Red) 7 Days = 644 galls

The TwinTec handles these changes, using only enough salt to soften the water you use.

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